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​​​​​​I love the smell of both products and everyone that I showed it to loved it too. The rejuvenating spray is light and refreshing for the face. I was unsure on how much to use on the hair but I used it everyday at least once a day. The shampoo is liquid but it feels good on my scalp and have. I washed my hair a few times and it is growing strong.​​

​-Manny Morgano

​Products Used: Natural Adonis Daily Conditioner, Rejuvenating Reign, Hair & Body Frappe

I'm loving it on my boys hair & mine although I try not to use I and Save it for them! I haven't been using anything else!

​-LaTrice M

Products Used: Natural Adonis Daily Conditioner .

"I didn't think it would work because of my texture.. but I was WRONG! My hair has never did anything like this and its thanks to Natural Goddess"
-Ashley H

​Products Used: Natural Goddess & Natural Adonis Curl Soufflé

I just wanted to come and tell my hair-story! I had to cut my mane because my stylist used a product and it damaged it. 
What a big difference Natural Goddess "Rapunzel's Secret" has made in my life and hair! All this happened on April 27th and I can't believe how much hair I have now. Natural Goddess & Natural  Adonis Organic Hair Products has regrew my hair... the hard part is over! The products are truly all natural and all anointed... glory be to Yah. 


Products Used: "Rapunzel's Secret" and Rejuvenating Reign


-Will Stewart, Editor & Chief of Trendsetters To Trendsetters

Products Used: Tame The Mane Beard Cream


"The reason why I transitioned so fast was because of Natural Goddess and I couldn't be happier, I'm a Natural Goddess now"
-Crystal M

​Products Used: Natural Goddess Growth Stimulant "Rapunzel's Secret"

"You have a Rolls Royce product"
​-Pastor N. Bronner of the Bronner Bros.

Products Use: Natural Adonis Daily Conditioner

"I wasn't expecting the growth to be rapid especially after chemo"

-E Meadows

​Products Used: Natural Goddess Growth Stimulant "Rapunzel's Secret"