Natural Adonis Hair Frappe
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Natural Adonis "Sampson's Secret" Growth Stimulant
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NG/NA "Childs Play"
Natural Adonis Hair Custard
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Natural Adonis Beard Kit
Beard Kit
Rejuvenating Reign Mist
Rejuvenating Reign
"Tame The Mane" Beard Cream
Beard Cream
Natural Adonis Scalp and Skin Healing Parfait "All Things Skin"
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Natural Adonis" Childs Play"
am an airy, harmonious blend of organic butters and essences whipped to perfection. I am tailored to children of all ages and hair types. I am a great moisturizer, detangler, and protector. My benefits don't just stop at the hair, I'm excellent for skin also. Formulated with products WITHOUT NUTS BUTTERS. My ingredients include the Anointing, purified water, grapeseed butter, tea tree oil, and lavender oil. 

Natural Adonis Hair Custard
I work perfectly for any age Adonis; Used to define, soften hair textures, eliminates dry hair and skin, and adds shine. My ingredients consist of The Anointing, Mango Butter, Rosemary Oil, and other natural ingredients. I work well for detangling when paired with my brother Natural Adonis Rejuvenating Reign! 

Natural Adonis Growth Stimulant 
"Sampson's Secret"

I am a simulator that is a fresh, lightweight custard that is designed to help support normal hair follicle functions and maintain healthy hair growth. My many benefits include producing hair growth, speeding up the growth cycle, increasing blood circulation,  thicken hair, and preventing baldness. I am a product that is effective for all hair types and made with natural ingredients: The Anointing, Mango Butter, Lavender Oil, and Rosemary oil. 
Just apply "Sampson's Secret" through your scalp to start your hair growth journey. I work well when paired with my brother Natural Adonis Rejuvenating Reign! 

​​Natural Adonis "Tame the Mane"
Adonis', I am an all-natural cultivating custard that takes total control of your facial hair. Say good-bye to ingrown hairs, scruffy beards, and dull facial hair. I moisturize, fill-in, and will soften your mustache and beard.  

My ingredients include The Anointing, Ginger oil, and Coconut oil.  I work well when paired with my brother Natural Adonis Rejuvenating Reign and Hair Frappe! 

Natural Adonis Beard Gear

Adonis', are you having trouble getting your beard to grow? Is your beard scruffy and unmanageable, or not connecting? If you answered yes, then our Natural Adonis Beard Gear is the perfect fit for you. Included in this masterpiece is a 4oz product of the Natural Adonis "Sampson's Secret", "Tame The Mane", and Rejuvenating Reign. This kit is meant to jump-start the beard growth phase, while also taming and soften the skin for facial hair growth.  

Natural Adonis Curl Souffle and Wave Definer
Sizes and Prices

The Best way for a man to show his strength is not only in his shoulders, but his hair- Natural Adonis Family

Natural Adonis Curl Souffle & Wave Definer
Define your curls, twist-out, braid-outs, all your favorite styles with me The Curl Soufflé. I am a medium-thick consistency that transforms your curls, coils, and waves to be stretchy, and full of body and bounce. Very ideal for wash n' go's or to revive an old hairstyle (such as twist-out). My ingredients consist of The Anointing, purified water, Tea tree oil, and organic honey. 


Natural Adonis Scalp and Skin Soothing Parfait "All Things Skin"
Coconut oil has some competition with me. I am an all-in-one dandruff/psoriasis/eczema parfait. I am perfect for soothing irritation on the scalp. I do impeccable with flaky/itchy scalps, and burning/bumpy scalps. Seal the benefits in your scalp with my great and rich ingredients which are The Anointing, Lavender Oil, Rooibos Red Tea.  I work best when paired with Natural Adonis Rejuvenating Reign and  Hair Frappe.


Natural Adonis Rejuvenating Reign

I am a lightweight spray that is awesome hair. I can be used as a styler, scalp soother, helps with brittle hair, and great for natural hair. I am power-packed with omega 3's, Vitamins A, D, and E. My ingredients consist of The Anointing, Rooibos Tea, Tea Tree, and A Citrus Oil Blend. I work with ALL my siblings and refillable for up 1-2 uses! 

Natural Adonis Hair  Frappe
I cleanse, refresh, and renew.  I am an awesome detangler and definer, that will bring out the best in your hair. I will not strip your hair of it's natural, but will actually replenish!  I also do away with psoriasis, eczema, dry scalp, and dandruff.
My ingredients are The Anointing, black soap, rooibos tea, and citrus oil blend. Just wet hair, apply me, lather and rinse well, and repeat. Follow up with other Natural Goddess or Natural Adonis Products to see awesome results! *Not Edible Nor For Color Treated Hair*