FOUNDER - Sire Eminence Zakkiyyiah

Young entrepreneur Sire Eminence Zakkiyyiah, founded our products at the age of 17. With the journey being a  turbulent task at hand she was sure not to give up. She knew the world needed her products. Sire Eminence's dream from the age five was to always own a hair care line and during her natural and chemical-free transition, she discovered that the in-store hair products were not exactly “natural.” So Sire Eminence began to research and cultivate organic oils and vitamins, and before she knew it, God said "go forth" and her dream of Natural Goddess was born. The Natural Adonis brand followed with the hair custard being first. The Natural Adonis brand is very dear to her heart because it is her brother Jordan's brand/legacy who is now in heaven. Sire Eminence just thought it was about the hair care until customers came back with marvelous testimonials of how it healed their psoriasis, mended their eczema, or grew hair back from years of suffering with alopecia.

Sire Eminence's mission is to be a blessing to your hair/skin by providing Natural Goddess and Natural Adonis.

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The Natural Adonis Jordan

​The Natural Goddess

 The first step to every natural hair routine requires buying noble hair products. Natural Goddess and Natural Adonis hair products are for all unique types of natural hair textures, made with organic and lightweight formulas. Let’s face it; natural hair fanatics must see the ingredients before anything else -- Lavender Oil, Tee Tree Oil, Red Tea, and  Mango Butter to name a few. Natural Goddess and Natural Adonis products were created with a to provide care wherever you need it. Many clients have noticed hair growth up to 2 inches in just one month while using our decadent products. There is no build up in the pudding and can be used for hair and body. Our products provide easy to low-maintenance control for all hair types and texures. With so many products available on our line, why not try them all?